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Volunteers are central to MND Victoria, they are essential to the operation of the organisation and to the services we provide.

Our vibrant and energetic volunteers contribute to the success of the Association and how we operate today.

Our volunteers bring a wealth of knowledge together with a wide range of skills and experiences to MND Victoria. Volunteers enhance the work of paid staff and help provide opportunities for improved quality of life for people living with MND and their families.

With over 120 volunteers involved in a range of program areas, you too can make a difference. Whether you are interested in supporting people living with motor neurone disease, are keen to help raise funds or to contribute to operations in other ways you CAN get involved.

Volunteer Recruitment Process

Our volunteer recruitment process aims to provide applicants with the information they need to find the right volunteer role for them. 

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Volunteer Roles

MND Victoria Volunteers are involved in a range of roles providing support for people with MND, their carers and the Association.

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Current Volunteer Opportunities

Find out what volunteer roles we are currently seeking to fill.

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To find out more information about our volunteer programs, call 1800 777 175 or email: volunteer@mnd.org.au