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Professional Development

MND Victoria provides professional development opportunities for health professionals who are working with or interested in working with people living with MND.
Aged Care Facility Staff

When a person with MND moves into an Aged Care facility, their care needs may be quite different to those of other residents. MND Victoria staff can present and education session for Aged Care Facility staff about the specific needs of people living with MND, the supports available and, where relevant, the individual needs of the individual living with MND who has become their resident.

Bespoke Training

Contact MND Victoria’s Education and Client Support team to discuss the specific training and education needs that you or your team have with regards to MND. Our team can design bespoke training to suit your specific needs.

MND Health Professional Webinar Series

The MND Victoria Health Professionals Webinar Series will provide an overview of a variety of topics relevant for those health professionals working with people living with MND. It is also suitable for those wanting to increase their knowledge on particular areas of practice and learn more about MND. There will be expert presenters sharing their knowledge and experience working in this field and time available for questions during each webinar.

To find out about future webinars please see our events page MND Victoria Events 

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Hot Topics in Palliative Care Webinars 

In June 2021 the Centre for Palliative Care Hot Topic Webinar was 'Management of NIV in MND & Elective Withdrawal of Ventilation'. 

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Centre for Palliative Care Webinar 

MNDAware Online Training

The MND Care website also features online awareness training comprising of 26 modules on MND, symptom management, and the wellbeing and support needs of people with MND and their families.  MNDAware training is accessed via the MNDCare website.

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Special Interest Group (SIG)

The MND Association in NSW has developed a MND Special Interest Group (SIG). SIG is an informal network of health and community care professionals interested in the care of people with motor neurone disease. SIG members receive a bi-monthly e- bulletin containing the latest MND news, research, information, links, abstracts and full text articles. Periodically MND NSW also run MND workshops for SIG members.

To find out more visit the SIG page on the MND NSW website.

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International Symposium on ALS/MND

The International ALS/MND meetings will be held virtually from 7th - 9th December 2022.

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Allied Professionals Forum

Annually, the MND Association of the United Kingdom in cooperation with the International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations hold an Allied Professional Forum. The forum is typically held the day before the International Symposium. 

The forums provides an opportunity for attendees to exchange information about good practice and to facilitate the highest standard of care for people with MND and their carers. The content of the forum presentations not only focuses on practice research but also the hands-on work involved in caring for people with MND.

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