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Every MND journey is different, but there's one thing we know for sure - having access to the right information and support is key to living as safe, independent and engaged as possible. MND Victoria distributes information about motor neurone disease and the available care and support of those who have motor neurone disease. 

MND Information Sessions

Our regular MND Information Session provides a safe space for people to ask questions about their MND diagnosis.

The program topics include:

  •  Symptoms and progression of MND
  •  Interventions and care management
  •  Support services provided by MND Victoria and within the community
  •   An opportunity to share experiences with others who have recently been diagnosed.

MND Victoria Information Sessions give not only people who have been diagnosed with MND, but their family and friends an opportunity to come together and find out more information about MND. If you, your family, or friends would like to participate in our Information Session, head to our events page to see when the next session is. 

Alternatively, email info@mnd.org.au or call 1800 777 175 to RSVP or for further information. 

MND Webinars

Our webinars address numerous topics that ensure that those impacted by MND have access to the correct information and support.

MND Victoria's webinars run for both people living with MND, their family and friends, as well as Allied Health Professionals who care for those diagnosed with the disease. 

Catch up on past programs:

Dr Gethin Thomas presents an update on MND Research

Watch here

Catherine Hansen talks about the benefits of joining the MiNDAUS Registry.

Watch here

Attending our information sessions or webinars

Please see MND Victoria Events for the next information session or webinars.

Feel free to email our friendly team if you have any questions in regards to any of these sessions.

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MND News for Allied Health Professionals

The newsletter includes updates about MND Victoria services, upcoming professional development and research opportunities to share with people living with MND.

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