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MND Victoria's Equipment Loan Service

MND Victoria runs an equipment loan library. This service assists people living with Motor Neurone Disease (MND), live safer, more engaged and independent lives.

Who it is for?

All Victorians living with MND can access Assistive Technology (AT) from our Equipment Service.

How it helps?
  • Assistive Technology/Equipment is provided following a request from an Allied Health Professional (AHP).
  • The MND Victoria Equipment Service operates on a loan library model and can provide a range of Assistive Technology (AT).
  • People with MND must be registered with MND Victoria and be a Victorian resident.
  • Equipment may be provided for as long as required at no direct cost to you.


Do you have an NDIS plan?

If you have an NDIS plan - your MND Victoria Support Coordinator  may have recommended the inclusion of a Flexible loan bundle into your NDIS plan. This allows you to access all Equipment in the loan library.

Are you waiting for an NDIS plan?

You can still access all equipment from the MND Victoria ES. 

MND Victoria is a registered provider of AT under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). 

Note: If you do not have an NDIS plan or are not eligible, don't worry. We will still provide you with the same service at no cost to you.

Equipment Available

To find out more about the range of equipment available, the provision of equipment or further details on placing a request, click here.

Power Wheelchair FAQs

Power wheelchairs can help those with MND live safer, engaged and independent lives, however we understand that sometimes with these powerful pieces of equipment, there may be some hiccups. 

Not to worry though, here are some common issues and questions people can run into.

Why do some tyres seem slightly deflated?

Power wheelchairs are fitted with all terrain tyres.

Please refer to tyre pressure chart below. It depends on the client’s weight as to what they should be set to, but yes, they should have some give in them so that they can gain traction. 


How can the calf pads be repositioned /tightened?

There should be a small bracket that clamps around the leg rest that the calf pad drops into. You will need to back the bolt off slightly, turn the bracket toward the front of the chair and then do the nut back up.

How can I manage the docking pin?

NOTE: When the docking pin is down all speeds are set to slow and there is a little yellow turtle on the screen. 

Try the following:

  • Turn controller ON
  • Push mode button display to change the settings
  • Tap left or right to bring up the DOCKING PIN on the display
  • When the docking pin displayed on controller PUSH UP to retract
  • Finally, push MODE to go back to driving.

Speeds should be back to normal.

Does the power wheelchair come with roadside assist?

As a car member of RACV, your client can add a wheelchair OR they can join the RACV as a wheelchair user.

Click here for further information.

Can the power wheelchair be pushed manually?

In an emergency, your electric wheelchair is equipped with a manual freewheel lever mounted on each motor. They are easily identifiable by their bright yellow tip. These levers allow you to disengage the drive motors so that you can push the chair manually.

Do all wheelchairs allow for a tray table to be added?

No, if your client has an OMNI controller, they cannot have a tray table on the powerchair. This is due to both slots on the armrest being used by the controller and joystick, therefore there is no channel underneath the armrest to allow room for a tray table.

More Questions:

For further information regarding the below questions, please click here for more answers via The Magic Mobility Frequently Asked Questions site:

  • How do I get emergency help for my wheelchair?
  • How do I care for my batteries and how long will the batteries last?
  • How do I best care for my wheelchair?
  • How fast and how far can my wheelchair go?

Remember: Please contact the Equipment Service if there is an issue with a powerchair rather than the therapist or the advisor via emailing equipment@mnd.org.au or phoning 1800 777 175