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Zooming with Dan

Zooming with Dan episodes are casual and informative chats with a wide range of people within the MND community. Whether it be people living with MND, carers, researchers, MND Victoria staff, allied health professionals, volunteers or any one else that plays a part in the MND space.

Who is Dan?

Dan, who is the Manager - Supporter Development and Communication at MND Victoria has lived the MND journey with his father, who passed away in February 2019 after a 12 year battle with the disease. Dan loves talking all things MND and sharing the incredible stories of others and the invaluable work so many professionals put in to ensure people living with MND can live as well as possible for as long as possible.

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Are you interested in having contact with others living with MND? MND Victoria can assist people with MND, carers, family members and friends to get in contact with others in similar circumstances via phone, email, and video conference.

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