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Leave a Gift in Your Will

Your bequest is more than a gift - it is a lifetime of hope.
Donations received will help provide the best possible care, support and vital assistive equipment to people living with motor neurone disease, and fund research into the cause, treatment and cure for MND.

Download MND Victoria's bequest information pack below:


Improving Quality of Life

A diagnosis of motor neurone disease is devastating, regardless of your age. It is terminal; there is no active treatment and currently no cure. The average life expectancy from the time of diagnosis is 27 months. Every MND diagnosis is unique – but there are ways in which we can help make each day a little less overwhelming for the person with the disease as well as their family, carers and friends.

Why should you include MND Victoria in your Will?

MND Victoria Cares and with your help we always will.

  • Making a Will and leaving a gift to MND Victoria means that you really care and believe in our mission – to provide and promote the best possible care and support for the 470 plus Victorians living with MND every day.
  • Making a Will and leaving a gift to MND Victoria means you will make an amazing impact on the lives of Victorians living with MND now and in the years ahead.

Creighton's Story

Creighton was diagnosed in March 2017. He and his wife, Judy, set a goal that he would live to enjoy his 70th birthday - which he did. Creighton is able to live positively with his MND partly due to the support that comes from MND Victoria. It’s important to Creighton that he can still do things independently; like go out on his own in his power wheelchair and stay in touch with family through his iPad which fits comfortably on his tray table. 

Creighton can do this because MND Victoria supplied him with a variety of mobility aids, including the power wheelchair, at no cost to him. The Association also supplied Creighton with an electric bed so he can have a good nights sleep, and a hoist that enables Judy to get him out of bed. It is because of these items that Creighton can remain living with Judy in their own home. 

Download MND Victoria's bequest information pack below: