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AHP Equipment Request

Please note:
  1. HIRE: In the case of an urgent request where MND Victoria is not able to provide the requested equipment promptly, MND Victoria may arrange to hire from a supplier at its own expense. This option applies to the following equipment: mobile shower toilet commode, standard manual wheelchair, lifting hoist and 4-wheeled walker. For other items please contact Equipment Service to discuss. MND Victoria will replace the hire item with a library asset as soon as one becomes available
  2. SWEP: In some circumstances MND Victoria may request you apply to SWEP. You will be advised if this is necessary. In such cases, MND Victoria will supply equipment until the SWEP provision is made. Proof of application will be required before our equipment can be supplied.
  3. NDIS: Where a client is a participant in the NDIS, the issue of equipment is subject to it being listed in their NDIS plan with MND Victoria recorded as the equipment provider.

    Bed cradles, bedpans, bed sticks, bed blocks, toilet seat raisers, toilet surrounds, over toilet frames, shower chairs, shower stools and urinal bottles, Elbow crutches, pick up sticks, rubber wedge ramps, single point walking sticks, eWriters, Handybars.

    These are provided to the client on a non-retrievable basis within 2 weeks of receipt of the request.
  5. WAIT TIMES: Current estimates of waiting times for requested items can be ascertained by emailing the MND Victoria Equipment Service staff at equipment@mnd.asn.au 

If you require more than 10 items, please submit a second form with your additional items.