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Mission and Vision

The Vision

Working towards a world without MND.


To provide and promote the best possible care and support for people living with MND.

The objectives of MND Victoria are:

· To provide the best possible care and support for people living with MND

· Improve community awareness and support of MND Victoria

· Be known as the expert voice for MND and the needs it creates

· Promote and support research into care, support, treatment and cure for MND

· Underpin our strategy by remaining sustainable

Core Values

Our service is to people living with MND, above all else. We do not undertake anything that does not contribute, or have the potential to contribute, to improving quality of life for people living with MND. 

We respect and value the contribution made by each and every member of the MND community and give full consideration to their contribution. We support, encourage and value innovation that improves opportunity and quality of outcomes. We share absolute integrity and are ethical in our practices.

The Organisation

MND Victoria came into existence on October 13, 1981 at a meeting attended by a small group of people with MND and their families, staff of health and welfare groups and other concerned people.

The direction of MND Victoria is controlled by a State Council of twelve members of the Association of whom six must be people with MND, carers, or close associates.

Professional staff are employed for delivery of services to people living with MND, their families, community workers, service providers and health professionals. In conducting the Association's activities and in the provision of services, the staff are assisted by over 120 generous and dedicated volunteers.

MND Victoria has regular contact with similar organisations in other States through the Motor Neurone Disease Association of Australia (MNDA), an umbrella group that serves as a forum for national communication and cooperation. Member organisations participate in a national MND Awareness Week, which is held in May each year.

Through its membership of MND Australia, the Victorian Association participates in an International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations and the global effort to conquer MND.