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MND Awareness

Raising awareness of MND is one aspect of improving the level of support available to those currently living with the disease and increasing the funding available to help MND Victoria provide the best possible care, support and vital assistive equipment, and fund research.

MND Victoria undertakes a number of activities to help raise awareness of the condition and we encourage all members of the MND Community to participate however they can.

MND Week 2021

This year, National MND Week will be held from Sunday 2 May to Saturday 8 May 2021. Stay tuned on how you can get involved to help raise awareness about motor neurone disease.

Blue Cornflower Day 

The Blue Cornflower is a symbol of hope for people living with MND. Cornflower Day is held on 21 June every year and is the perfect time to hold a blue themed event or sell MND merchandise.

Please contact us by calling 9830 2122 or emailing info@mnd.asn.au to discuss your event or order merchandise.

A Day of Hope & Remembrance

A Day of Hope and Remembrance will be held on Sunday 2 May 2021 from 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm at the Melbourne Town Hall. 

Stay tuned for more details! This event is a time of reflection, sharing the past and expressing hope for the future.

Ask the Experts at the Florey Institute

Stay tuned for more details!

Please Donate to Support People with MND

Don't have time to get involved in MND Week next year? We'd love you to support people living with motor neurone disease + research by making a donation. Until there's a cure, there's care.

We'd love to hear from you! Please email: fundraising@mnd.asn.au or phone: (03) 9830 2122 to discuss your plans and order merchandise.


MND Awareness Week

The first week of May is MND Awareness Week throughout Australia. MND Victoria, together with all the MND state organisations and MND Australia, undertake a variety of media, fundraising and awareness activities to raise community recognition and understanding of the disease.

In Victoria, the first day of MND Awareness week is celebrated by the Service of Hope and Remembrance. This is a time when people living with MND, those who have lost someone to MND, carers, researchers, staff and volunteers can come together and reflect on their journey in a caring and non-threatening environment.

Many families who have been impacted by MND use this week to help raise funds through selling MND merchandise in shopping centres, schools, service clubs or their workplace. Some hold events such as a Drink Tea for MND, trivia nights or challenge activities.

In the month leading up to MND Awareness Week, we encourage people currently living with MND, or who have lived with MND, to tell their stories to the local media. Personal stories shared through the media are a powerful way of raising the profile of the disease.

MND Global Day

June 21 every year is MND/ALS Global Awareness Day. MND/ALS Associations across the world use the day to raise awareness of the disease to the general public.

The day is also used to express hope that one day there will be a turning point in the search for cause, treatment and cure of this disease.

Increasingly, the international MND/ALS community is seeking ways to work together to try to capture the attention of the public media to increase their reach.

Get Involved with MND Global Day

We'd love you to get involved in MND Global Awareness Day on Monday 21 June 2021!

You could host an event at your sporting club, a BBQ, sell our merchandise at your local shopping centre or simply kick back with a Drink Tea for MND fundraiser.

If you are interested in holding an event on Global Day, please email: fundraising@mnd.asn.au to get started!

Or simply start your fundraising page today!

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