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A Special Honour for a Passionate Brisbane Lions Supporter

A Special Honour for a Passionate Brisbane Lions Supporter

On Thursday 3 February 2022 at The Fitzroy-Brisbane Lions Historical Society Museum in Melbourne, Philip O'Keefe received a special honour from the Brisbane Lions. 

Phil is a longtime Melbourne-based Lions fan and is the first person ever in the world to tweet using an implantable brain computer interface (BCI), technology that was conceptualised by Thomas Oxley, MD, PhD, CEO of Synchron, who is also a mad Lions fan.

Former Brisbane Lions triple premiership star, Chris Johnson, surprised Phil with a signed Brisbane Lions team jersey during a tour of the club's museum at Marvel Stadium in Docklands, Australia.

Former Brisbane Lions triple premiership star, Chris Johnson, surprised Phil with a signed Brisbane Lions team jersey. Phil was also thrilled to receive a personal video message from Brisbane Lions Senior Coach, Chris Fagan.

“We cannot thank the Lions enough for the wonderful surprise and thrill given to Phil today who is just so passionate about the Lions.” said Triss O’Keefe, partner of Phil.

Phil received this honour in front of a number of family and friends, the team from Sychron's Melbourne office, and MND Victoria CEO, Kate Johnson.

(From left to right) Lía Macarena Aguilar Madariaga - Clinical Trial Assistant at Synchron; Kate Johnson - CEO of MND Victoria; Steph Cross - Communications and Fundraising Officer at MND Victoria; and Triss O'Keefe stand with the man of the hour, Phil O'Keefe.

Through Synchron’s technology, Phil has been able to email, text, bank and shop online using his thoughts since 2020. He is one of the first people ever to receive and test the only endovascular BCI, Synchron’s Stentrode™, which is currently in clinical trials in Australia and the US.

About the Stentrode™

Synchron’s flagship technology, the Stentrode is an endovascular brain implant designed to enable patients to wirelessly control digital devices through thought and improve functional independence. Synchron’s foundational technology, a motor neuroprosthesis (MNP), is implanted via the jugular vein using neurointerventional techniques commonly used to treat stroke, and does not require drilling into the skull or open brain surgery. The system is designed for patients suffering from paralysis as a result of a broad range of conditions, and aims to be user friendly and dependable for patients to use autonomously.

About Synchron, Inc.

Synchron, a brain interface platform company, is a leader in the field of implantable neural interface technology. The company is already in the clinical stage with a commercially-viable neuroprosthesis for the treatment of paralysis and is developing the first endovascular implantable neuromodulation therapy. Future applications may include the potential to diagnose and treat conditions of the nervous system, including Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, depression, and hypertension, as well as non-medical solutions. Headquartered in New York City, Synchron has offices in Silicon Valley, California and R&D facilities in Melbourne, Australia.

04 February 2022
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