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Christmas Clean-Up Challenge with Vitality Brands

Christmas Clean-Up Challenge with Vitality Brands

From their foundation, Vitality Brands has been focused on generating positive outcomes for people, communities and the environment – not only through the wellness products we offer but also by dedicating time and funding to create programs with real impact through the Vitality Social Impact Fund, V3. 

MND Victoria has been very fortunate to have benefited from this fund since we began our partnership with Vitality Brands way back in 2010. This key alliance truly fulfils the cultural values of both our organisations and simply put, it achieves the objective: to make a difference in people's lives.

Given the strength and longevity of our partnership, it was wonderful to be able to give back to Vitality Brands by participating in their Grassroots Day through Conservation Volunteers Australia's Christmas Clean-Up Corporate Challenge.

The Vitality clean-up team included members from Vitality Brands, MND Victoria, Allos Australia - EAP Evolved, and Surfing Victoria.

Two of the members of our Supporter Development and Communications team - Lynn La and Steph Cross - joined Vitality and some of their other partners - Allos Australia - EAP Evolved, and Surfing Victoria - to clean up Ricketts Point in Bayside, Victoria. 

Our team of 9 managed to collect 13.5kg of litter in 2 hours, which included 628 individual litter pieces.

There were other clean-ups happening simultaneously across Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane. Together, the 145 corporates who participated collected 502kg of litter, which included 21,883 individual litter pieces. 

The Ricketts Point clean-up crew

We are extremely proud to partner with Vitality Brands, and we can't wait to see how our partnership continues and develops in the future.

21 December 2021
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