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Running for a Cause

Running for a Cause

by Rebecca Churcher

Since 2014, I have been making a conscious effort to participate in an event to raise money for the MND Association of Victoria. It started with a 5km at Run Melbourne with my family.

In 2007 I lost my dad Chuck to MND when I was 14. I think I remember him getting diagnosed in 2004. At the time I was only 11 and didn't understand what MND was and had never heard of it before. But I knew it was bad.

Over the 3 years, I watched my Dad's health decline and mobility decrease. I remember that each time he had a new accessibility need or difficulty, the MND Association of Victoria would always be there for the family with a solution. This started with a walking stick, a reaching grabby stick, then a walking frame. As his health declined further, we got more assistance - an electric wheelchair, a stand up/lay down chair and other lifting and specialised equipment for the bedroom/bathrooms, and a nurse for assistance so my mum didn't have to do as much.

Because of the assistance from the MND Association Victoria, although declining due to the debilitating disease that is MND, my dad's quality of life in those final years was made so much easier and he was able to continue working and living at home with the family doing what he loved until he sadly passed. The assistance from the MND Association of Victoria helped our family so much, especially my mum. Because of this, I try my best to give back each year help raise money for the MND Association of Victoria. I want to help raise money so that others going through the worst time of their lives can get the same help and care that we did to make that time a tiny bit easier.

This year although virtual I participated in the Run Melbourne half marathon, so far raising over $2,500. And I will be continuing to raise money as I move on to Sandy Point Half Marathon. As much as I would love for a cure to be found, we need to continue to support care as well for those living with this awful debilitating disease. 

Until there's a cure, there's care.

Rebecca Churcher is one of MND Victoria's Champion Runners at Run Melbourne 2021. The race was meant to take place on Sunday 25 July 2021 but due to COVID-19 restrictions, the event has been made virtual and is running from Saturday 24 July to Sunday 1 August instead. We are very proud of our team of 15 champions, who have raised over $18,500 for the care and support of Victorians living with MND.

29 July 2021
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