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40th Anniversary

40 Years of Care and Support

2021 is a going to be a memorable year for so many people. But for us at MND Victoria, it's a very important year. 2021 is the year we celebrate 40 years of having a significant impact on the lives of thousands of Victorians affected by Motor Neurone Disease.

We are still the only organisation to provide direct support to all Victorians living with the disease, including carers, families, friends and anyone who has lost a loved one.

Since we were founded (originally as the Motor Neurone Society) in 1981, it's been our mission to provide and promote the best possible care and support for people living with MND.

Throughout this year, our dedicated team will continue providing the best possible care and support to all Victorians living with MND. Our services are only made possible by the generosity of so many individuals, groups, sponsors and fundraisers who make up 70% of the funds required to underwrite what we do. We will also shine a spotlight on the incredible contribution so many people before us have made to ensure MND Victoria can do what we do today.

We look forward to sharing so much of our history with you over the year and letting you know of the many ways you can get involved with our 40th Anniversary celebrations.

Make sure you tune in to our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages every Monday for "Milestone Mondays", where we take you back in time and celebrate each year in our 40 year journey.

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We can't wait for the day when our vision of a world without MND is realised, and we are no longer required. However, as we say – until there’s a cure, there’s care.

We want to hear from you!

Do you have a story or photos you'd love to share? How about an idea of how we can celebrate our 40th Anniversary? The MND Community is full of such diverse and incredible individuals who inspire us every day. This year is all about sharing our accomplishments as a whole, so we'd love your input to help make our celebrations even more special.

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14 January 2021
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