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Nature’s Impact on Wellbeing

Khairul, Robert and their partners participated in the ‘Photovoice’ Communication group through Calvary Health Care Bethlehem Hospital (CHCB).

The group has been developed for families living with MND, with a recent joint research project between CHCB and La Trobe University demonstrating that this group intervention does positively impact communication and social connection. Sharing photos is a great form of self-expression and a powerful tool to promote awareness about what helps families with MND ‘live well’. The photos that the current group shared had a common theme of how they use nature to improve their wellbeing.

Research has shown that connecting with nature is health promoting and has a positive impact on wellbeing, which can assist people in managing chronic diseases. Whether you decide to look at nature photos, watch a sunset, or go on a stroll through a local park, each of these activities has the power to positively contribute to your sense of wellbeing. To find some beautiful nature spaces where you live, visit the Parks Victoria’s website. They have a list of parks, nature spaces and activities across Victoria that have accessible spaces:

https://www.parks.vic.gov.au/ get-into-nature/all-abilities-access

“The window in my house connects me with the beautiful world outside. This second photo is from Hanging Rock. I love camping and exploring nature and look forward to spending more time in nature with my friends as restrictions ease.”


“Looking at this top photo makes me feel calm and joyous. This is Robert and our daughter Leanne walking through Burke Street Park in Warragul. Without the help of MND Victoria, days like this would not be possible.”


Robert’s wife

27 November 2020
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