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MND & Saliva Management| Health Professionals Webinar

Rebecca Lamont is a speech pathologist specialising in the management of motor neurone disease and other progressive neurological conditions. Rebecca will present a review of the literature and interventions to support saliva management in MND.

11:00AM - 12:15PM Tuesday 26th July 2022

Rebecca Lamont, Speech Pathologist at Western Health, will present an overview of saliva management in MND.

This year the webinar series will include time for a detailed presentation and 15 minutes for audience questions. We look forward to hearing from those attending. 

If you have any particular questions or topics that you would like included please email us at info@mnd.org.au and we will try our best to include information as requested.

The 2022 MND Victoria Health Professionals Webinar Series will include the following:

Webinar 1: MND Phenotypes, February

Webinar 2: MND & Physical Activity, May

Webinar 3: MND & Cognition, July

Webinar 4: MND & Saliva Management, July

Webinar 5: MND & Neck Weakness, August