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An MND diagnosis is as life-changing as it gets. What do you do? Who will help? What’s next? There are endless questions. Graham and his children, Jacinta and Trent, admit they would be lost without MND Victoria.

Please take a few minutes to read Graham's story and please give generously to our 2021 Tax Appeal.

If you are in a position to contribute, your gift can provide much-needed support for Victorian's living with MND, just like Graham.

A gift of $60 could purchase a bed stick. A $100 gift could purchase a walking frame. $250 could purchase a large “around the chair” table. Or your gift may be bundled with others to purchase an electric lift recliner chair at a cost of $2,000, or an electric wheelchair for $18,000.

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Graham Casson's Story

Graham is a loving father of two and grandfather of five. His family is his world, but Graham only has limited time left to spend with them all. In July 2019, Graham was diagnosed with motor neurone disease, a disease he had never even heard of. Unfortunately, he now knows it all too well.

MND is terminal, there is no remission and the average time from diagnosis to death is 2.5 years.

Graham tries to live his life as though there’s nothing wrong, but he is slowly losing the ability to complete basic everyday tasks. 

He struggles with ordinary things most people take for granted, like getting out of bed each morning or making a cup of coffee, and unfortunately, these tasks are only going to get more difficult as the disease progresses.

“It was a mystery, what was going on. But then I was given the news I didn’t want to hear. That I had motor neurone disease.”

Prior to his diagnosis, Graham had never really thought about death – he always just assumed he would live forever. But hearing the words “you have motor neurone disease” brought him face to face with his own mortality and the fact that he will never see his grandchildren grow up. 

On top of being diagnosed with a disease that has no known cause, treatment or cure, Graham is over 65 years old which means he does not qualify for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the huge amount of support and equipment that it would provide. Instead, Graham can only access the Aged Care system which is ill-equipped to support anyone living with a degenerative disease like MND. 

Due to the rapidly progressing nature of MND, equipment needs are ever-changing and are always urgent - and that’s where MND Victoria comes in. Graham and his family rely on us to help provide the best possible care and support, and we rely on your generosity.

Graham and his family wanted us to share his story as they know how important it is to raise awareness and funds for other families going through MND now and in the future.

Please dig deep so that those who hear the fateful words “You have motor neurone disease” can still enjoy life and remain independent, safe, and engaged with their community for as long as possible.

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