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MND Victoria's Committed Community

MND Victoria's Committed Community is a group of like-minded people together providing a solid foundation of funding each month so that vital care and support for those impacted by MND can continue uninterrupted.

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Together we can make a true difference.

MND Victoria's Committed Community is a passionate and kind group of monthly givers, on a mission to provide the best possible care and support to Victorian's impacted by motor neurone disease. 

People like you - giving anything they can to work together to enable those with MND to live as well as possible, for as long as possible. 

You belong here

This incredible Committed Community is composed of generous, passionate, and kind people — like you. 

They are making a difference for the 2 Australians who are diagnosed with motor neurone disease every day, and the 2 Australians who die of motor neurone disease every day. 

They are making the best possible care and support available for everyone impacted by this horrible disease.

They are making an impact, and so will you.

Join our Committed Community today! 

Being a Regular Giver means more

When you sign up to be part of MND Victoria's Committed Community, you will: 

  • Join an exceptional group of Australians who are taking action to have the best possible care and support available for those impacted by MND;
  • Allow us to plan more effectively. Monthly donations are the most reliable source of income - they mean we can worry less about raising funds and focus more on delivering long-term services;
  • Receive an exclusive quarterly impact report on how your contributions are helping;
  • Receive exclusive offers on our merchandise and event tickets; 
  • Receive a tax statement at the end of each financial year.
You can update or cancel your regular donations at any time.
All donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

Our work

For 40 years, MND Victoria has provided the best possible care and support for Victorians living with MND. We are the only not-for-profit organisation providing direct care to all Victorians living with the devastating disease, at no cost to them. 

The level of support, the quality of information, and the access to vital assistive equipment have increased greatly since 1981 - thanks to our donors and fundraisers. 

No matter what you give through regular giving, your impact scales quickly, and together we can help those with MND live better for longer.

Choose to make a difference and join MND Victoria's Committed Community today. 

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