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Christmas Appeal 2021

Your gift will help make a wish come true and give families a chance to create memories they can cherish during an incredibly difficult time.

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The pandemic is approaching 20 months since the beginning. Did you know that the average life expectancy of someone living with MND is 27 months?

MND Victoria’s 2021 Christmas Appeal is different from our previous years.

We often hear 'I wish I could....'

"I wish I could go skydiving" - David

"I wish I could watch my footy team play in luxury" - Peter

"I wish I could finish my garden" - Tom

This year, all proceeds raised through this Appeal will fund a wish for someone living with MND. Living with motor neurone disease is incredibly hard for them and for their loved ones. This new initiative and pool of funds will be able to provide experiences, gifts or services to help make a wish come true and give families a chance to create memories they can cherish together during an incredibly difficult time.

This is where we need YOUR help. The more we raise through our 2021 Christmas Appeal, the more wishes we can grant.


MND Victoria has focused on care and support programs to improve the lives of thousands of Victorians families impacted by MND for the last 40 years. We are the only not-for-profit organisation providing direct care to all Victorians living with the devastating disease, at no cost to them. We are proud of the vital care, support and assistive equipment we have provided to thousands of people living with MND over that time. 

But there is one thing we are yet to tick off our list...

We kindly ask you to consider a donation to MND Victoria this Christmas. Your support will provide a lasting memory for a family impacted by this horrible disease.

Help us add another layer of support in services provided since 1981.

Thanks to our supporters